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Dr. Julie Riggs is an academic practitioner, speaker and writer within the field of health, safety and indoor air quality.  She has 30 years assisting businesses with developing health and safety practices, and is a leader raising the agenda of indoor air quality (IAQ) within the UK.  With a doctorate within IAQ and a further MSc degree in occupational health and safety management from Middlesex University, Dr Riggs has a balance of academic knowledge and professional practice experience.


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    Dr. Riggs is the founder of IAQUK, a free website portal designed to provide access to information relating to indoor air quality

    IIAQ UK is an independent organisation with the aim of 'raising the agenda' of indoor air quality within the home and work.  The objectives are achieved by working with the various agents and organisations in promoting indoor air quality and ensuring the information is accessible to enable individuals to make a choice about their environment.


    A practical Guide to Indoor Air Quality : For the Home and Workplace

    By: Dr. Julie Riggs

    As you take approximately 20,000 breaths every day, have you considered what is in the air that has travelled along dusty ventilation shafts, exhaled by our fellow occupants and contaminated with chemicals, pollen, dust, fibres and allergens?  This air affects our physical and mental health.  We care about our external air, however, the air inside your home and workplace can be substantially more polluted than outdoors.  Despite this knowledge, we continue to seal our internal spaces airtight, fill it with synthetic materials, including perfumes and scented products, to create a toxic soup of pollution.

    Our lack of action and our silence is creating the greatest harm. We are failing to tackle the stealth pollutants within our indoor air, creating a toxic legacy of chronic illnesses.  As a reader, we can either choose to be affected by our world, or we can choose to affect our world. Together we can start a conversation that matters.

    This guide is a melange of technical disciplines and academic research which will assist you to transfer knowledge to practical application and to encourage further discussion on the value and business case for managing IAQ. The book is written in an easy to understand text with as much focus on motivating as educating. The book will appeal to home and building owners, local authorities, transdisciplinary practitioners (such as facility managers, health and safety advisors) and IAQ technicians regarding the management of indoor air quality. 

    Available from Amazon

    • Paperback: 516 pages
    • ISBN-10: 0995543704
    • Price: £35.00